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Study Finds | A shocking one in five respondents say they feel anxious so often that they actually believe they are dealing with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder.

It “suddenly” looks as though there isn’t a bid in the increasingly saturated electric vehicle market after all.

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Users could be banned for posting them.

Prison Planet.com | Two peas in a socialist pod.

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Extremist statement made during Amnesty International conference.

Daily Mail | A new patent application from Apple hints at the company’s plans to move from gadgets into apparel.

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Social credit tyranny accelerates.

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | “The performers enjoy backing of the media, the cultural elites, a significant section of the political establishment.”

Zero Hedge | Africa’s first smartphone factory opened its doors on Monday in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, reported Reuters.

Daily Mail 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| The Department of Homeland security is building a new biometric database that will be able to identify people through scars, tattoos, DNA, physical markings and even their voice.

OilPrice.com 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| While most of those space rocks are only a few feet in size, at least 25 of them are large enough to be able to serve as a stand-alone water reservoir.

Paul Joseph Watson | Demonstrators cause huge traffic jams in backlash against threat to livestock production.

Paul Joseph Watson | Deluged below over a dozen non-related mainstream media videos.

Mac Slavo 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| Google’s new Nest Hub Max is a smart display unit that comes equipped with a 6.5-megapixel facial recognition camera that identifies you and monitors all your actions – inside your own home.

Daily Mail | A newly devised type of silica bead could help save melting glaciers from the onslaught of climate change, scientists say.

Fast Company | Google has announced it has released a data set containing 3,000 deepfake videos it has created.

Daily Mail | The Boston Robotics robo-dog spot is now available to lease as the firm irons out some minor glitches to prove it can open doors and be useful in a workplace. 

Breitbart | More than 500 scientists and professionals in climate and related fields have sent a “European Climate Declaration” to the Secretary-General of the United Nations asking for a long-overdue, high-level, open debate on climate change.

Daily Mail | Facebook has bought a company which is inventing a way for people to control their smartphone with their mind.

Jake Anderson | Scientists believe there is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy named Sagittarius A*. This black hole is 26,000 light-years from the Earth and approximately 4 million times the mass of the Sun.

Daily Mail幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Google said it is continuing a program that harvests audio from its smart home users but with some new and improved privacy protections.

Market Watch | Ditching credit cards for facial recognition removes the last physical barrier between our bodies and Corporate America.

Elias Marat 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| NASA’s robotic space rover has made a shocking discovery on Mars which, while puzzling to researchers so far, may be key to understanding the unique environment of the Red Planet.

Paul Joseph Watson | Supercomputer breakthrough will allow Big Tech giant to control the world.

Daily Mail | People are unaware of the toxic chemicals we encounter in daily plastic products.

Michael Snyder 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| All around us, our world is literally in a state of collapse, but most people don’t seem to care. 

Paul Joseph Watson | Making Wall-E a reality.

Mac Slavo | The U.S. government is finally, albeit slowly acknowledging that there may be non-man-made objects flying around Earth.

Daily Mail | What began as a way to increase public safety has turned into a civil rights concern.

Paul Joseph Watson | So why are westerners being lectured?

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Despite relentless propaganda campaign about scientific “consensus.”

RT | Facebook has unveiled the charter for its ‘supreme court,’ a supposedly independent content moderation board that will take money from, and be appointed by, Facebook itself – while making binding decisions. What could go wrong?

Daily Mail | Combating the scourge of extreme content on Facebook is taking a heavy psychological toll on some of the company’s third-party moderators, says a new report.  

Paul Joseph Watson | They “don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest.”

RT 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| A Google search outage had users panicked around the world as their search queries returned “internal server errors,” forcing them to use DuckDuckGo or (shudder) Bing – or take to social media to complain.

Daily Mail 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| China has accused Apple of monitoring its users through spyware on its phones and computers.

London Metro | A former software engineer at Google has warned that autonomous killer robots could accidentally start a war in the future.

RT | A transgender advocacy NGO has told teachers that puberty blockers are harmless and should be given to children as young as 12 in a “model” training session for UK schools. Scholars and medics warn such advice is “disturbing.”

Daily Mail | Amazon has announced a new program for its Echo smart speakers that will put anyone with an Amazon account in charge of answering search queries.  

Zero Hedge | Is the end of the “like” coming?

Zero Hedge | While streaming content has displaced all forms of physical media as the preferred medium for sonic consumption, nostalgia-driven audiophiles have driven Vinyl sales through the roof – at least compared to CDs. 

Daily Mail幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Earthworms are getting smaller because they’re digesting microplastics from the soil and struggling to grow, according to research.

Mac Slavo | Google wants you to bring Big Brother into the privacy of your home with its Google Nest surveillance system.

Paul Joseph Watson | Well, this is awkward.

Paul Joseph Watson幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | “My girlfriend enjoys her pregnancies and she enjoys the abortion.”

Breitbart 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| A federal judge has ordered Facebook to face a nationwide lawsuit seeking damages for allowing third parties to access users’ private data, calling Facebook’s views on privacy “so wrong.”

Daily Mail 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| China’s largest telescope has detected more than 100 mysterious radio pulses coming from a source around three billion light years from the Earth.

Breitbart 幸运飞艇走势技巧图| Pope Francis continued his ecological campaign in Madagascar this weekend, admiring the nation’s extensive flora and fauna while warning of devastating fallout due to a loss of biodiversity.

Michael Snyder幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | It is being called “the Pacific marine heatwave of 2019”, and officials are warning that it could have very frightening implications if it does not dissipate soon. 

Daily Mail幸运飞艇走势技巧图 | Turning back time!

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